Blood and Grit 21 by Simon Clark & Andrew Darlington
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Overview: ‘Why is it called Skinner Lane? Why … because that’s where something called the Skinner lives.’
Internationally renowned horror novelist Simon Clark returns to his roots with a new edition of Blood and Grit, the short story collection that launched his career twenty-one years ago. Together with all six original tales, Blood and Grit 21 features the haunting ‘…Beside the Seaside…’, Simon's first professional sale, while a brand new story takes us back to the iconic ‘Skinner Lane’. In a new illustrated afterword, Simon recounts how the original book came about and reveals the locations that inspired its stories. Last but not least, this new edition includes the original foreword by Andrew Darlington, who also provides a brand new introduction that's a rousing celebration of Simon's career to date.
Genre: Horror|Dark Fiction|Short Stories


The original Blood and Grit contained the following stories:
~ SKINNER LANE: This is dedicated to anyone who has wondered what it would be like to be skinned alive. Come to think of it, I wonder if it was inspired by watching a woman on a beach enthusiastically peeling the sunburnt skin from her husband’s back. “On one branch peeled faces hung like tatty masks…”
~ OUT FROM UNDER: When city populations grew at an explosive rate there wasn’t enough space to bury the dead. I imagined a world where the late-lamented were hygienically shrink-wrapped then handed back to the next-of-kin for storage at home. “Like those vacuum packed trout you buy, he could feel the shape of the body beneath the tight plastic – the head, the limbs, the lumps and ridges.”
~ OVER RUN: Here the dead refuse to lie down and play dead. They aren’t mindless zombies, however: they rise from their graves for a purpose, because someone harbours a secret. “Two hundred sat on a burial mound where the voices of the five-thousand-year-old dead vibrated faintly through the clay to tickle the two hundred shriveled rumps.”
~ BITE BACK: An entity of total destructive evil pursues a man across Yorkshire. Featuring explosive – even implosive – action in Wakefield, Sheffield and Doncaster. This is a road-movie style thriller of mayhem and redemption. “The boy’s face jerked up as the glass roof exploded into crystals and the stone pillars burst under the impact.”
~ REVELLING IN BRICK: Someone once said that the universe is not only as strange as we can imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine. Here I imagined what would happen to a character if reality became stranger and more bizarre, and more disquieting, with every passing day. “The blade travelled smoothly. It was sharp and the dwarf was strong.”
~ SEX, SAVAGERY AND BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD: The title says it all… well, almost. Hold on tight, you’re in for a hell of ride. “Oh, the love in the place. The love and the hate, and the fear and the pain, and the agony and the ecstasy…”

Blood and Grit 21 fiction extras:
~BESIDE THE SEASIDE, BESIDE THE SEA…: This story, which first appeared in BBR, was reprinted in a paperback anthology by the name of The Year’s Best Horror, edited by Karl Edward Wagner. Karl was a living legend – the legend continues long after he’s gone. Cheers, Karl.
~ 21 SKINNER LANE: An all-new story to celebrate the collection’s reissue. Here, Kenny, the hero of Skinner Lane is once more confronted with an evil that he thought he’d laid to rest twenty-one years ago. “His eyes locked onto the figure that was a grim totem of bones and dried-out guts.”

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Wolf Land series (#4-6) by Fiona McShane
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 3.4MB 
Overview: Killing a Lord was just the beginning …

All that Sorcha and the werewolves want to do is find a place to call home. Their numbers are reduced. They are injured, grieving, and exhausted. But in the New World, they have a new Lord to worry about.
Genre: Fiction; Fantasy

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#4 - Wrath 
When Sorcha dreams of a town called Hope Streams, and a young girl accused of witchcraft, the pack know what they ought to do: run very far and very fast in the opposite direction.

There is a Lord at work in Hope Streams, and the whole town lives in fear. But if they choose to help the people, the pack could lose far more than they know …

#5 - Yaksha
All he wanted to do was buy and sell tea …

When Arthur arrives at the Indian palace of Vana, he believes he is there to make a straightforward deal. It soon becomes clear that Arthur was summoned to Vana for very different reasons.

Chandri, a young noblewoman, seems eager to marry him. But is she doing so of her own will, or are there Lords at work? Arthur must gain the trust of Chandri, and work alongside the enigmatic man known as Guruji, if he is ever to discover the truth and free the people of Vana. But Vana has its own protectors, guardians known as yakshas, and one of them may be able to offer Arthur a little help in return …

#6 - Lord of the Bones
Did they really believe a Lord would keep his end of the bargain?

The pack travel to New Amsterdam, hoping that they will finally find their leader again. But once they get there, they have a chilling choice to make.

Lord Ambrose de Jong tells them that Rory will be returned to them, as promised. But only if they wait until midsummer … and only if they sacrifice another in his place.

After all they have been through, they are unwilling to trust the word of a Lord – and they are certainly not prepared to do as one says.

They attempt to retrieve Rory without the Lord’s help, but it begins to seem like an impossible task. Luckily for them, an old friend returns from India. And he might just have the power they need to do things their own way …

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Book #6: (1.1MB)

400 Miles To Graceland by William Schlichter (No Room In Hell Book 2)
Requirements: ePUB or MOBI Reader, 2.23 Mb
Overview: Will the cure be more deadly than the undead? Left with his mission incomplete, Detective Danziger faces losing his hands to infection. But his resolve is stronger than ever as he tracks the path of the military convoy that rescued his daughter’s murderer. And when a radio transmission claims to have found a cure to stop the reanimating virus, Mother Nature reminds all survivors there are greater dangers on the planet than the undead.
Genre: Horror | Post-Apocalyptic | Zombies


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